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Nottingham SQL Server User group begins

After many successful years running in Leicester we’re proud to announce that the PASS East Midlands chapter is moving to Nottingham for 2016.

Gavin had been running the group since it’s birth, but has now handed the reigns over to myself and Tobiasz. As we’re both based in Nottingham we have decided to move the SQL User group to Nottingham. With the response we had for Nottingham’s first SQL Relay event we wanted to build on that, and this also makes it more accessible with Nottingham’s connections to the rest of the East Midlands and Lincolnshire area.

We’re going be based at Capital One’s Trent House on Station Street, easy to get to from Derby, Leicester, Loughborough, Lincoln, Sheffield and all parts of Nottingham

We have 4 SQL Server User group dates lined up for next year:

As with all PASS SQL User groups there is no charge for attending, yep, that’s free training! We’ll even provide some food and drinks while you learn!

Myself and Tobiasz are speaking at the first event, and we’re currently lining up some great home and international speakers for the other sessions.

But we’d love to hear from you if there’s any particular topics you’d like covering, I’m happy to go out and find speakers covering areas of special interest to our members. Also let us know at what level you’d like sessions presented, if you want an introduction to a particular topic that’s great, as is wanting a level 500 brain warper from the likes of Bob Ward!

All details for future meetings will be posted via our Meetup page – PASS East Midlands User Group.

Please register with the meetup group to keep up to date. You’ll also need to register for the event to attend. This is because we need to provide Capital One with a list of names to be signed in at security, so if you haven’t registered then you won’t be allowed in I’m afraid.

Look forward to seeing some of you there. Please post any comments here or at PASS East Midlands User Group

SQL Relay bringing free SQL Server Training to Nottingham

sqlrelaylogo70Having spoken at the last couple of SQL Relays, I’m very happy to announce that in 2015 we’re visiting Nottingham for the first time.

On the 7th October SQL Relay will be at the Nottingham Albert Hall conference center.  Speaker submissions are now coming in (and if you fancy speaking, please submit a session), and we hope to release the full lineup early in August. Based on previous years there will a wide range of high quality presenters.

At Nottingham we will be having 4 tracks on the day:

  • SQL Server
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Workshops provided by our sponsors

Across these we’ll be covering topics such as SQL Server performance, management and development, Azure/Cloud technology, R, Big Data, Cubes, Reporting , Dashboarding and much more.

If you’re a SQL Server DBA, then this could be a great opportunity to pick up some Business Intelligence crossover training. Or for a Business Intelligence developer, find our how to use Big Data solutions (on Azure, without the hardware costs) to analyse your data even further.

All of this great SQL Server content is available for the princely sum of Nothing. That’s right, its free, and we’ll even provide you with lunch.

We’re open for registrations, so sign up today and look forward to some quality free SQL training in Nottingham

If you’ve any questions, then please ask them.

Doing something a bit different at SQL Saturday Exeter 2014: PowerShell for the curious SQL Server DBA

sqlsat269_webHaving had such a great time at last years SQL Saturday in Exeter, I was very happy to see the SQL Southwest team announce another one for 2014 on Saturday 22nd March (Register here).

So, I’ve been offered the chance to present 2 consecutive sessions covering 1 topic, 100 minutes to fill with something new. I’ve decided that based on feedback and questions from my “Using PowerShell for Automating Backups and Restores with PowerShell” presentation I’ll be filling the 100 minutes with:

PowerShell for the curious SQL Server DBA

Blog Copy Editing, a SQL Server Community approach


I’m sure I’m not alone amongst SQL Server bloggers in starting to write a new post in a fit of great enthusiasm, but eventually getting bogged down in a mire due to dithering about whether:

  • The point on my post is clear enough?
  • Is the post structured properly?
  • Is my writing clear and understandable?
  • I am using too many colloquialisms?
  • Do my code examples make sense?
  • Are any attempts at humour actually funny?
  • And a whole host of other things I’ve probably not picked up on, because someone hasn’t told me….

Having helped various people over the year proofread documents (My wife’s MA dissertation in English Literature being a highlight) I realise how important it can be to have another pair of eyes look over your work.

That pair of eyes are even better when they can offer usable criticism. So when I proofread my wife’s dissertation I could spot obvious spulling mistkes, but the chances of me spotting a problem when discussing the actions of the  Ranting Poets of the early 80’s was nigh on impossible. And vice versa, whilst an expert on Poetry and English Literature, Charlotte isn’t likely to pick up on my making a mistake whilst discussing PowerShell backups.

So, assuming that there are other SQL Server bloggers out there in the same boat I was considering setting up a mutual help group? We’d offer to help proofread and copy edit each others future posts, offering advice, criticism (Constructive!) and a potential soundboard.

If you are interested, drop a comment below. Depending on the uptake we might need to think of a clever way of managing this, but hey, we’re nothing if not inventive!


Speaking at Birmingham and Norwich SQL Relay 2013R2 events


I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at 2 of the SQL Relay 2013R2 events happening in November.

If you’ve not been to a SQL Relay event before, these are FREE all day SQL Server training events featuring some of the top SQL Server experts from around the world (and me!). This edition is visiting 10 different locations around the UK over 2 weeks, so there’s bound to be one near you.

I’ll be speaking at Birmingham on 14th November and Norwich on 27th November, presenting on PowerShell for SQL Server backups and restores.

In Birmingham you’ll also get Denny Cherry speaking on Hekaton, the new in memory SQL Server objects coming in SQL Server 2014

And in Norwich, Klaus Aschenbrenner will be presenting. While he’s not announced his topic yet, Klaus is always a great presenter so it’ll be a good ‘un.

Some of the events are filling up fast, so register quickly to make sure of a place: Register for SQL Relay

Hope to see some of you there. Please come up and say Hi if you do.

Scripts and Demos from Cardiff SQL Server User Group presentation, 1st October 2013

All the files from my presentation on using PowerShell for SQL Server Backups and Restores at Cardiff SQL Server User Group on 1st October 2013.


Any problems, just drop me a line

SQL Saturday Cambridge only 4 weeks away!

SQL Saturday Cambridge, I'm Speaking

4 weeks till SQL Saturday 228 in Cambridge. As you can probably tell from the picture above, there might be a slight nod to one of Cambridge University’s comedy exports being used in the event promotion!

There’s a great lineup of speakers from all over the planet –, if you count it up that’s nearly 30 hours of top notch FREE SQL Server (Data Platform, Developer and Business Intelligence), SharePoint and PowerShell training up for grabs.

If you’re Nottingham based then getting down couldn’t be easier . There’s still singles from Nottingham to Cambridge available that mean you can do the round trip for £26. Which for this amount of training is a bargain, so go here and register before it’s completely full

I’ll be presenting on Automating SQL Server Backups and Restores using PowerShell at 11:00 in Room 3. Hopefully see some of you there, feel free to say hello.

Downloads for “Automating SQL Server Backups and Restores with PowerShell” presentation from Southampton SQL Sever User Group 07/08/2013

Hi, if you’ve just landed here you might be interested in the series of posts >31 days of SQL Server Backup and Restore with PowerShell where I’ll be providing more information about the concepts and scripts in this presentation

Scripts and Demos for PowerShell SQL Server Backup and Restore presentation given at Southampton SQL Server User Group 7th August 2013

Includes the presentation as a pdf, all the PowerShell scripts used during the presentation, the SQL scripts to build the demo databases, plus the backups of a couple of the databases to speed things up.

Readme.txt gives a quick overview of each script and the order to run through them in.

Any problems or Questions, please get in touch.

Free Introductory training for SQL Server beginners

Just a quick heads up for anyone in Nottingham or elsewhere in the Midlands wanting some high quality introductory SQL Server. The SQL Midlands SQL Server User group has 2 great speakers on the 22nd August. John Martin (twitter) will be presenting a Beginners Guide to SQL Server and Alex Whittles (blog|twitter) will be presenting a Beginners Guide to Business Intelligence.

The User Group is in Birmingham, but it’s a very simple trip down via train, with only a short walk from New Street to get to the venue. So well worth making the effort to get down for.

If you’re interested, register here to make sure there’s plenty of pizza.

Speaking at Cambridge SQL Saturday

SQL Saturday Cambridge logo

I was very happy on Friday morning to open my email and find an invitation from SQL Saturday Cambridge organiser Mark Broadbent (blog|twitter) offering me a speaker slot at the event. Accepting the offer didn’t really require much thinking about, not the sort of offer you turn down.

So I know where I’ll be on the 28th September 2013; Queens College, Cambridge. I’ll be talking about using PowerShell to Automate your SQL Server backups and Restores, offering you some ideas about to offload some of the more monotonous bits of a DBAs job and how to ensure you can sleep soundly knowing your backups are good, and you’ll be able to prove it.

Looking at the ‘leaked’ news on the Friday’s PreCons on the event’s Facebook page, I may well head down for one of those as well. Looking like another SQL Saturday event to me

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