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Blog Copy Editing, a SQL Server Community approach


I’m sure I’m not alone amongst SQL Server bloggers in starting to write a new post in a fit of great enthusiasm, but eventually getting bogged down in a mire due to dithering about whether:

  • The point on my post is clear enough?
  • Is the post structured properly?
  • Is my writing clear and understandable?
  • I am using too many colloquialisms?
  • Do my code examples make sense?
  • Are any attempts at humour actually funny?
  • And a whole host of other things I’ve probably not picked up on, because someone hasn’t told me….

Having helped various people over the year proofread documents (My wife’s MA dissertation in English Literature being a highlight) I realise how important it can be to have another pair of eyes look over your work.

That pair of eyes are even better when they can offer usable criticism. So when I proofread my wife’s dissertation I could spot obvious spulling mistkes, but the chances of me spotting a problem when discussing the actions of the  Ranting Poets of the early 80’s was nigh on impossible. And vice versa, whilst an expert on Poetry and English Literature, Charlotte isn’t likely to pick up on my making a mistake whilst discussing PowerShell backups.

So, assuming that there are other SQL Server bloggers out there in the same boat I was considering setting up a mutual help group? We’d offer to help proofread and copy edit each others future posts, offering advice, criticism (Constructive!) and a potential soundboard.

If you are interested, drop a comment below. Depending on the uptake we might need to think of a clever way of managing this, but hey, we’re nothing if not inventive!



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  1. Rob

    I’m willing to throw my hat in and would suggest trello as an option for management.

    • Avatar photo

      Trello looks a good option

      I’ve been looking into WordPress options for letting a ‘user’ have preview on only certain posts and it looks like there’s a couple of options that might work

  2. Hi Stuart

    Sounds like a plan, I’m in!

    I think it would be a great way to help new members grow within the community too. Loads of potential but that’s for another day, let me know how I can help.

    Cheers for now


    • Avatar photo

      Sorry, managed to miss this coming in to the approval queue. I’m blaming the fact it turned up on my birthday 😉

      Not having much spare time to write atm, but once I’ve got a couple of things in the pipeline I’ll give you a shout and we’ll sort something out.

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