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Month: January 2017

Track SQL Server Index Usage over time

As part of my talk at the Nottingham SQL Server User group last night, I offered some tips on how to track SQL Server index usage over time.

sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats is a very handy table for seeing how many seeks/scans and updates your indexes get. But there are a few issues with. Firstly it’s a DMV, so it will be flushed on a number of events:

  • SQL Server Instance Restart
  • Database Detach
  • Database Close
  • SQL Server 2012/2014 – Alter Index rebuild

For a good thorough check normally a full months worth of stats are needed, this normally covers most of the business processes. I may event be useful to compare stats across months so you also capture events such as Financial Year end.

A better break down of when the scans and seeks happened can be very useful. It’s all well and good knowing your index was scanned 5000 times and Seeked across 15000 times, but what processes were doing that? Was it OLTP workload during 9-5 or was it the overnight processing? This could make a big difference to any planned Index changes.

So here’s a technique I use. It’s pretty simple and allows you to tune it to your own needs,

New year, New speaking dates

Lining up a few SQL Server Usergroups speaking sessions for the year already:

All sessions will be:

Indexing Nightmare – Cut Through the Clutter

Inherited a database with 30 indexes on every table? Has the vendor for your 3rd party app recommended more indexes over the years than you can remember? Got indexes that were added to fix a data load problem 4 years ago, but not sure if they’re still being used? Indexes are key to SQL Server performance, but like everything too much of a good thing is a bad thing. In this sessions we’ll look at how you can analyse your current indexes with the aim of consolidating them into useful ones, even removing some completely and how to improve the ones you’ve got left

Except for Southampton, where it’ll be:

Get on the Bus

As time goes by, more systems are crossing hosting boundaries (On Premises, Azure, multi-cloud provider, ISVs). We need a simple reliable mechanism to transfer data between these systems easily, quickly and reliably. Microsoft have taken their Message Bus technology and moved it to the cloud as Service Bus. This session will introduce you to this service and give examples of how internal databases can safely process data from cloud hosted applications without having to be exposed to the InterTubes. Examples are predominantly .Net C#, but aren’t complex!


Nottingham SQL Server Usergroup – 12th January 2017
(Also presenting will be Steph Middleton, talking about Building a Robust SSIS Solution)
(More details and registration here

Midlands/Birmingham SQL Server Usergroup – 19th January 2017
More Details and Registration here

SQL Surrey Server Usergroup (Guilford) – 20th February 2017
Link and details to be confirmed

Southampton SQL Server Usergroup – 1st March 2017
More details and registration here

Hope to see some of you there. And if there’s any other usergroups out there that are looking for speakers then let me know, have presentations on SQL, Powershell and general IT process to offer.

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