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I was very happy on Friday morning to open my email and find an invitation from SQL Saturday Cambridge organiser Mark Broadbent (blog|twitter)¬†offering me a speaker slot at the event. Accepting the offer didn’t really require much thinking about, not the sort of offer you turn down.

So I know where I’ll be on the 28th September 2013; Queens College, Cambridge. I’ll be talking about using PowerShell to Automate your SQL Server backups and Restores, offering you some ideas about to offload some of the more monotonous bits of a DBAs job and how to ensure you can sleep soundly knowing your backups are good, and you’ll be able to prove it.

Looking at the ‘leaked’ news on the Friday’s PreCons on the event’s Facebook page, I may well head down for one of those as well. Looking like another SQL Saturday event to me