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31 Days of Backup and Restore with dbatools

So I’m doing another 31 days of posts, hopefully consecutive days but given current pandemics and sporadic working hours it may not be.

This is the index of all the posts, I’ll update it as each one is posted.




Please clean down your SQL Server backup history


An introduction to dbatools backup and restores – Day 1 of 31 days of dbatools Backup and Restores


  1. Garry Bargsley

    Updates with new days not showing on this recap page.

    • Avatar photo

      Sorry about that Garry, life, lockdown and work got in the way. I do meant to come back and finish the series off as soon as I get the time.

  2. Swarn Singh

    Very logically lay out series that helps to understand much easier. Thanks for such intelligent works Stuart.

    I must share a idea striked in my mind while I was going thru the posts. That is why not a similar series of posts on SQL Server containerization using either dbatools or powershell.

    What I mean is… spin up SQL Server on Docker using dbatools or powershell same as on VM or physical server with standard recommended configurations e.g. separate drives for data, log, tempdb and backups and other SQL level configurations, Ola Maintenance plans configurations, persistant data storage etc…

    Hope it would be good initiative to work and helps learners.

    Swarn Singh

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