Stuart Moore is a Nottingham based SQL Server DBA who only speaks in the 3rd person when writing blog biographys.

I’ve been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 7 in back in 1998. During that time  I’ve worked both as a DBA and a Developer with every SQL Server version (7, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012).

Well experienced in working to ensure business critical systems are Highly available, and preparing for when disaster strikes by ensuring there’s a reliable tested DR plan to follow.

Exposure to many of the large 3rd party systems deployed on top of SQL Server such as Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Systems Center and others. Plus working with developers on complex bespoke applications.

Through all of this I’ve gained plenty of experience of performance tuning right through the stack from hardware to OS to SQL Server, with exposure to running systems on top of the major virtualisation products (Hyper-V and VMware).

Helped develop BI solutions using Analysis services, and developing complex ETL solutions using SSIS. These have then been integrated with Sharpoint, and other tools to enable users to ‘self serve’ information.

I have also had wide exposure to Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL and many database products. I have developed in VB, C#, C++, Perl, PHP, F# amongst many. This means I can switch easily between Production/Development DBA hats as needed.

I also speak at various SQL Server User Groups around the UK.