Time sure seems to fly. It’s been just under a year since the first PsDay.UK appeared on the UK PowerShell scene. After the success of that event it’s back for another edition! The 2018 event is on 10th October 2018.

The PsDay.UK team have gathered up a great set of speakers and sessions again, have a look at the quality of the agenda. 3 tracks of sessions, it’s going to be tough picking which one to go to. Well, except at 15:00 when I’ll be in Room 3 (aka Shift) presenting on ChatOps for PowerShell. I’ll be covering what ChatOps offers the PowerShell developer and how you can leverage your current skills and scripts to join the gif filled party

Tickets are availble here – PsDay.UK 2018 Tickets – at a very reasonable price for a full day of quality sessions. There’s even a decent refund programme, so you’re covered if things change.

Hopefully be seeing some of you at Code Node on the 10th October. Feel free to wander up and say Hi.