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Installing CRM 2011 on Windows 2012, error parsing Config file

Just been banging my head repeatedly with this one, and have finally found the cause of all the heartache.

As has been written in many many places, to install Dynamics CRM 2011 on a Windows 2012 Server, you need to ‘slipstream’ in RollUp 13. So, after reading one of the many blogs online about how to do this, you’ve got the following example config.xml all ready to go:

<Patch update=”true”>C:\RU13\Server\server_kb2791312_amd64_1033.msp</Patch>

Excellent you think as you run SetupServer.exe

And then up pops the handy error:

CRM Config file parse error

You dutifully trek off to look at the install logs, where there’s the helpful error message:

Error| Error parsing config file(HRESULT = 0xC00CE502) (configfileparse.h:CConfigFileParser::Parse:435).

Which is as useful as a chocolate teapot. I tried all the suggestions that I could find. Searching for this error across the web throws up lots of suggestions. Randomly adding Administrator rights, changes to the paths of files, and various other goodies. In this particular case there’s only one change that needs to be made to the config file:

<Patch update="true">C:\RU13\Server\server_kb2791312_amd64_1033.msp</Patch>

Can you spot it? The change is to the "‘s in Patch tag. In a number of examples online (and my first one) these are ‘s. Just to make that clearer:

"‘s work. That’s the ascii character returned by select char(34)

‘s don’t work. That’s the ascii character returned by select char(148)

Hopefully this will help save a some people’s foreheads, and some companies from dents in their desks.


Error: 18456, Login failed for user, Reason: Token-based server access – A possible cause


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  1. PP Frijlink

    Just found this same error in the log and stumbled up on this, this will save hours!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennier

    Thank you for posting this!! You just saved me a lot of time trying to figure this out.

  3. Tony

    SO helpful! Thank you for posting. Saved me a long time trying to figure out what this issue could be.

  4. Mohammed

    very great post, I was in a hassle during the weekend to solve this issue.

    thank you very much

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