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2014 Goals, SQL Server and Personal

Not resolutions, oh no! A resolution can be broken by one relapse, goals are something I can keep working on even if there’s a setback!

Just putting them here, as once they’re shared it’s very hard to ignore them.

SQL Server related ones:

1) Get more inventive with BI work, and get involved in some Big Data technologies

  • Want to get involved with some BI work that’s pushing the envelope a bit. Either Volume, Velocity or Variety wise. Also want to get involved in a few projects that are using newer technologies/ideas to extract information from data.

2) Automate even more of my workload

  • Mainly because I can, and because it will free up more time to pursue the other 9 goals in this post!

3) Get really down and dirty with SQL Server Clustering and AlwaysOn

  • I want to get to a really solid position with the various SQL Server HA and Replication technologies. I can build them, and debug them, but there’s always a suspicion that there’ll be something I don’t know. So lots of building test environments and finding inventive ways to break them! Also signed up for training from the master, Allan Hirt (b|t), being put on by Technitrain

4) Present some open access training courses.

  • I’ve run training in house courses and sessions for various companies, tutored a few people via email, and spoken at a number of SQL Server community events. Now I’m looking forward to offering some longer sessions to the general public. Discussions are underway about offering some day long SQL Server DBA PowerShell training in the Nottingham/East Midlands area, and possibly a day on Extended Events as well

5) Speak at more SQL community events, maybe overseas

  • I’ve really enjoyed the SQL Community events I’ve attended and spoken at during 2013. So I’m keen to speak at more in 2014. I’ve been sounded out about trying something new at SQL Saturday Exeter, which I’m really looking forward to (but not sure if I can completely announce it yet!) And there’s a number of User Groups I’ve not spoken at (think I’ve pretty much promised to make it up to SQL North East at some point), and some I’d love to go back to. Also very tempted to submit a session for a non UK event.

And because it’s not all about work, here’s some Personal ones:

1) Keep on at my OU Maths Degree

  • I’ve been working at getting a BSc in Mathematics for the last 4 years. So I’ll be continuing the studying this year, with a residential school to look forward to and also beginning on Level 3 modules, which should bring a change of pace

2) Once I find out about what I can do with my knee, target a 100km audax or a marathon

  • Following an altercation with a section of Nottingham’s tram tracks I’m currently not cycling or running due to knee damage. Once the doc’s given me the prognosis I’ll make a decision about what sporting target to go for this year. Either another 1000km+ plus Audax ride, or getting round to running a full marathon

3) Read more fiction and non-technical non-fiction

  • It’s not been a great year for non-technical orĀ  non-degree reading, so I want to turn that around in 2014 and read a bit more for pure enjoyment. Will probably pick back up on my GoodReads list, and use that as a way to measure success

4) Pick my photography back up a bit

  • Apart from a couple of weddings in 2013 I didn’t do much with my camera kit. Partly because our current kitchen layout isn’t good for film processing, and partly due to just not having one with me a lot of the time. So, I’ve got a new work bag which will make it easier to carry a camera with me, and I’ll get the crack across the lens of my iPhone repaired so I can use that as well. Hopefully be updating my Flickr account a little more often.

5) Find and settle into a new home

  • We’re currently renting a house. This years big task is to find and buy a home. Plenty of planning has been done, now we just need to find somewhere and enjoy the legal niceties!!

What are your goals and hopes for 2014? Feel free to share them with us in the comments.


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  1. Rob

    I have just finished Nowhere by Neil Gaiman a fantasy story set in modern London. Good easy reading if you like that sort of thing and only 99p on the Kindle last week

    • Avatar photo

      Do you mean Neverwhere? Pretty big fan of Gaiman’s work. Became a fan when he was writing the Sandman comic series. “American Gods” by him is good as well, and the book he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett “Good Omens”

      The BBC did a Neverwhere series some time last century, worth a look. Very old school Dr Who type production, wobbly sets and all.

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