Massively honoured that Microsoft have awarded me their Data Platform MVP award for 2018.

Looking at the other 19 UK Data Platform MVPs I’ve joining a pretty elevated set of individuals. Many of them were the people I looked up to and got advice from when I first started dabbling into the UK SQL Server community, so it’s a reflection on how much advice and knowledge there is out there that I’ve gotten this. And that I’ve got some living up to do.

The MVP is a acknowledgement of a person’s engagement with the community. I’ve done lots over the years:

But the really good stuff has been getting to meet people at all the events. There’s so much to be learnt over that quick 10 minute coffee break or at the after event shindig. Those are the conversations that have led me down interesting tech or made me consider speaking, and then lead me into organising as well.

So Thank You to everyone who’s talked to me online or at an event, and if you haven’t then feel free to bend my ear at the next event I’m at.